Von Vintage – Mark Lobo


Von Vintage is the creative side-project of established Brisbane photographer Mark Lobo. Capturing the intricate and beautifully designed products of the fifties and sixties through his vintage lens – his subjects include the Olivetti Typewriter, Bronica Camera, and a remarkable STC Pixie Radio.

“The whole idea was to preserve what I call the keepsakes of the past,” Lobo explains.

“Vintage objects that have beautiful design elements can often end up in landfill, junk shops or antique stores. I find their designs so aesthetically pleasing and interesting and I want to share this with others.”

Von Vintage is essentially an online gallery and store selling a variety of Lobo’s prints ranging from unmounted, to limited edition. Lobo says offering an authentic image shot on a genuine, vintage Hasselblad camera – with no touch-ups – is his point-of-difference.

“I want the project to be authentic and that is why I am doing it using an older, slower photography style – hence the name Von Vintage, which literally translates to vintage on vintage,” he says.

“I’m a firm believer in Marshall McLuhan’s philosophy of ‘the medium is the message’ and I feel that it is the medium of photography I am trying to communicate – not fake Photoshop filters.”

Working full-time as a commercial photographer, Lobo adds that his work on Von Vintage over the last two years has helped improve his technique on day-to-day jobs.

“I feel like since shooting this film stuff all my commercial work has slowed down in a sense and I am producing better quality work,” explains Lobo.

“I am more focused on getting a single solid image rather than shooting at a fast-pace. I am learning that it is more about knowing the photo that you want to get before you start shooting.”

“Von Vintage is a really great way for me to slow down.”

While Von Vintage is currently a work of passion for Lobo, he plans to grow the project over the next year, and create a sustainable commercial endeavour.

“As long as I can sustain it, and as long as it is not draining my pocket I am happy doing it,” he explains.

“Ideally I would like to make it more sustainable, because this is the stuff that I really love doing.”

Mark Lobo’s inspiring work can be viewed at – http://www.vonvintage.com/ and http://www.marklobo.com.au/.

Nolan Giles is a published writer, and editor of The Native Press. Always thrilled to hear from inspiring Brisbane natives he can be contacted at info@thenative.com.au.

Orion Zuyderhoff-Gray is a freelance photographer working between the mediums of film and digital. Head of photography at The Native Press Orion calls Brisbane home after a recent move from Canada –orionzuyderhoffgray.com.